Designed to meet the demands of improving rigsite efficiency, improving manual handling operations whilst reducing carbon emissions and costs, the EnerQuip Mobile Torque Unit (MTU) delivers a package that is unrivaled.

Capable of making up casing range 3 doubles and drill pipe triples automatically and delivering an output of up to 20 casing doubles an hour. This output can deliver as much as a 45% rig time saving over conventional operations.

The system requires only one person to oversee all bucking operations and feed connections to a waiting catwalk for delivery to the drill floor. This reduces manpower allowing them to be repurposed in other areas of the operation.

Key Features

  • Developed in 2021 and deployed to the Middle East for rig side mobile torque makeup of drill pipe and casing
  • Capable of making up range 3 casing doubles and drill pipe triples
  • Able to run fully automated, reducing manpower and improving safety and efficiency
  • Clamp range from 2.3/8” to 22”
  • Torque capable up to 130,000 ft.lbs
  • Ability to be operational in under 4 hrs from equipment arriving onsite
  • Climate controlled operator cabin
  • Can be paired with any manufacturers catwalk for delivery of casing and drilpipe to drill floor
  • Capable of rig side teardown of drill string components, and BHA makeup

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