Designed for the safe and accurate testing of downhole drilling and fishing jars, the EnerQuip Jartester is the most advanced tester on the market.

Incorporating a digital pressure logger, and featuring an optional automatic mode, the jartester removes the old fashioned way of measuring and testing jars that would have used stop watches and tape measures, and utilises digital technologies to accurately log pressure, distance and time. This results in more accurate testing and more reliable tool use downhole.

Available in a range of custom lengths, the jartester can be equipped with HPUs and hydraulic rams capable of;

  • 100,000 lbs
  • 160,000 lbs
  • 200,000 lbs

The jartester can be utilised with single or double acting jars, with a range of standard test programs and the ability to request custom programs for bespoke or R&D jar testing.

The system requires only one person to oversee all bucking operations and feed connections to a waiting catwalk for delivery to the drill floor. This reduces manpower allowing them to be repurposed in other areas of the operation.

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