Jar Testers

EnerQuip manufacture Jar testers to support the maintenance of drilling and fishing jars. They are supplied in customer specific lengths to support client’s requirements however they are predominantly supplied in 14 metre lengths with the ability to apply a controlled push or pull load up to 300,000 lbs.
If required, EnerQuip can supply additional products to support the operator such as
  • Lift jacks to raise and lower jars into test bed
  • Drip trays to surround test bed to eliminate threat of leak during Jar maintenance
  • Support legs to raise test bed off ground and improve working height
  • Automated Jar Tester Logging system
EnerQuip’s automated jar tester logging system has been designed to increase accuracy and speed up the process of testing all types of jars – whether that be hydraulic drilling jars, hydraulic lock/time delay jars or fishing slinger jars.  Housed within a small operator console the logging software runs on a solid state industrial PC which can be connected to your company network.  The system works by determining the force or pressure applied using pressure sensors whilst calculating the distance data via a draw string encoder.  The automated nature of the solution allows the operator to leave the rack whilst a sequence is performed – increasing the productivity of your work force and the number of jars that can be tested.


  • Plot pressure (PSI) or force (lbs) against time (s) or distance (metric or imperial) charts.

  • Replaces the “ruler and stop watch method”. One or more operators no longer need to stand over the jar during a test.

  • A definitive result after the test sequence which will clearly show if a test has passed or failed based on the criteria set by the operator.

  • A failed test will clearly show on the report, marked in red, exactly why the test has failed (if criteria is set).

  • Create a test a sequence that will fire the jar Up & Down up to 10 times each without any intervention by the operator.

  • All reports are automatically generated after a test and saved as PDF’s.

  • View test results individually on a report or put up to six on one page.

  • Store up to 500,000 tests

  • Jar criteria includes various distances and timings as per the customer’s requirements.

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