The market leading torque machine for workshop makeup of premium threaded connections.

Whether running a pipe mill, making up collars and couplings, or tearing down completion tools such as liner hangers and cementation equipment, the EnerQuip FR has the ability to handle anything thrown at it.

Key Features

  • Used for all threaded oilfield drilling and completions connections.
  • Specifically tailored towards premium connections such as VAM and Tenaris
  • Machines can record torque from as low as 100 ft.lbs (lowest on the market)
  • Max torque range of machines up to 250,000 ft.lbs
  • Clamp range of machines from 2.3/8” to 30” if required
  • Available with a range of accessories such as hydraulic support stands that can be automatic to improve efficiency and remember set height parameters (unique)
  • Fully floating heads, allowing up to 100mm of offset
  • Top opening tailstocks available to improve loading efficiency and reduce manual handling
  • Fully networkable to aid remote diagnostics and support
  • 24 month machine warranty as standard
  • Bespoke In-house developed software package that conforms to the latest industry regulations
  • Available with split HPU and electronic control desk options
  • Low working pressure improves energy consumption and operator safety

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