Headstock Clamp Range: 3.1/2″ – 18″ Make Torque – Min (ft lbs): 4,000 ft lbs
Tailstock Clamp Range: 3.1/2″ – 14″ Make Torque – Max (ft lbs): 150,000 ft lbs
Dimensions LxWxH (ft): 16x7x7.5 Break Torque – Max (ft lbs): 190,000 ft lbs
Colour: Blue Utility requirements: 415V,63a 3ph+e

The TorqueMaster™ 8026
Self-contained freestanding hydraulically powered units designed for fast and accurate make-up or breakout of threaded connections on drilling tools, tubular goods, and related equipment. The units have the ability to greatly increase efficiency of offshore drilling operations: they provide fast and accurate make/break capabilities that will increase production offline from the drill floor. This way, the rig will spend more time doing what it does best – drilling.

Features and Benefits

  • Safe, Easy to Use, and Self Contained – an industry recognized safe practice for the making and breaking tubular tool joint connections. Running off their own HPU, these units can be operated by one person.
  • Fully Customizable – the full line of accessories for the TorqueMaster unit can be chosen and configured to suit the customer’s service and space requirements.
    Skid-Mounted – The TorqueMaster unit has the option of being mounted on a lifting-certified skid, so they can be easily moved around the pipedeck with a crane to accommodate other equipment and operations.
  • Flexibility – adjusting BHA and/or tool configurations on-the-fly allows the rig to respond more quickly and more effectively to changes occurring downhole.
    Accuracy – The TorqueMaster unit ensures that critical connections are torqued to their required value and minimizing the possibility of a connection backing off downhole

16ft long heavy duty platform, Bolt down support feet.

Available Accessories
Extension Beams, Tool Support Jacks, Push/Pull, Spinner – or combination of:

TCS Hardware – Solid state touch screen with on screen keyboard for data input, 1 x USB port for data extraction, PLC Controlled system, Pressure sensors provide true and accurate torque measurement.
TCS Software – Windows, Torque V Time real time graph recording, Automatically dumps pressure when optimum torque is reached, Automatically creates PDF Reports, Ability to save sets of parameters for future use, Recreate past reports