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Headquartered in Aberdeen, EnerQuip is the partner of choice for torque machines and associated products.

With strategically placed service centres across the globe, EnerQuip caters for the highly demanding requirements of the oil and gas industry, whether through 24/7 support of existing fleets of equipment around the world or the design and manufacture of new equipment to satisfy the latest changes in industry regulations.

Launched in June 2015 from a base in Aberdeen, EnerQuip has over 60 years of combined experience in the design, manufacture and servicing of torque machines and bucking units. Whilst the roots of EnerQuip are very much in Aberdeen, the growing demand has seen EnerQuip open up two new offices in Aberdeen and the US, supporting the international market place, with products in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Far East, the Caspian, the Americas and Australia.

​The company’s service offering includes the manufacture or upgrade of torque equipment from concept and design through to installation and commissioning, servicing, calibration, repair and maintenance, training and consultancy. EnerQuip works in partnership with clients to deliver top quality products capable of supporting all their requirements and backs them up with the very best in support and service.